Well & Septic Home Inspection Services​

Water flow is a very important part of your home. Let us help you ensure it’s going… “well.”

How Our Well & Septic Home Inspection Services protect you

These may not be the most luxurious (or good-smelling) systems your house has, but as long as everything is flowing smoothly and there are minimal damages to either system, you and your home will be happy.

The septic system: let’s break it down. (Pun intended.)

The septic system is basically a sewage treatment system. It has three parts: a holding tank, distribution pipes, and a drain field. Solid waste flows from the house into the holding tank. Here, the system allows bacteria to break down solid waste into liquid waste. The liquid is then released into a drainfield away from the property. (Thankfully far, far away.)

An inspection will tell you if there is any damage in the tank or piping, if waste solids are being properly broken down, the condition of liquid flow, and if there are any cracks, damages, or blockages in the pipes.

If your septic tank isn’t breaking down the solid waste properly, for example, you will get a blockage. 

The well system, on the other hand, is a separate system but just as important. Basically, the system allows water to be brought into and out of the home.

The well is usually a hole outside the home, drilled as far as 1,000 feet into the ground. The pump brings water up, which then enters the house from a pipe connected between the pressure tank and casing.

Your trusty inspector will tell you where the well is located, the date of the drilling, pumping water levels, static water levels, well measurements, recommended pump rate and recommended pump setting. We gotta make sure your water is flowing… well. 

The septic and well systems are usually inspected together because they both involve inspecting the outside of the home and the piping that has liquid flow to and from the property. 

How much do your well and septic inspections cost?

At ARK, a well inspection is $249, a septic inspection is $309. But if you bundle and get both, which we highly recommend, it will cost $429 + $40 county fees in Summit, Stark & Tusc for both. Ask us about discounts too when you book. We always offer discounts for military personnel and first responders, and sometimes we have special offers, in general, depending on the time of year.

What Happens if We Find well or septic issues in the Home?

If there are issues with your well and septic systems, we refer them to a qualified, licensed well or septic contractor. We have a list of trusted contractors we can contact or get you in touch with, and they will help you with any repairs or replacements.