Radon Home Inspection Services​

How we test and measure radon levels in a home, and help you prevent this dangerous gas in the future.

Radon In Homes: what you need to know

So what exactly is radon, and why does it need to be tested?

Radon is a dangerous gas that occurs when uranium naturally breaks down over time. Uranium can be found in soil outside a home, which turns into gas and leaks into the home through solid material and cracks. Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Kinda reminds you of iocane powder from The Princess Bride, doesn’t it? Cue Wallace Shawn saying, “inconceivable!”

While radon is not quite as deadly as the powder from that movie, it is radioactive. This means it can be damaging to your home and to your body over time, causing bad air quality and, consequently, health issues such as lung cancer.

It is safe to say it is important to have your home professionally inspected for radon, so it can be detected and, if necessary, we can lower its levels.

Acting like a stealthy ghost, radon can move through concrete and common structural materials in homes like sheetrock and wood. 

How Our Radon Home Inspection Services Protect You

Radon is invisible to the eye, but our inspectors have a machine that tests the home for any radon presence. 

The inspector will place the machine(s) strategically in the home, making sure it is monitored for usually up to 48 hours for best results. Then, the inspector retrieves the machine(s) to be dropped off at a radon testing facility, where they perform testing.

Radon is measured in picoCuries per liter (pCi/L). If a certain level of radon is detected, the inspector will inform you of the next steps, and how to lower the levels of the damaging gas in your house.

Consider radon testing before buying a home, so you and your family can be healthy and happy!

How much do your radon inspections cost?

Radon inspections are $169 with a general home inspection. We will come in and make sure the job is done so you can carry on, worry-free!

It is recommended that you get your radon levels checked every 2 years, so even if you already own a home and aren’t in the market for a new one, call us and we’ll come in and provide a radon test.

What Happens if We Find radon in the Home?

If one of our inspectors comes in to test for radon and the radon test levels come back high, we will consult our partnered radon mitigation company. They will then come in and set up a mitigation machine to lower the levels of radon and ensure safety within your home.

You can always ask us for more details about this specific process!