Fire Prevention

5 unusual risks and causes of house fires and what to do about them

We all know the typical fire hazards of a home: candles, leaving the oven on, unattended fireplaces, leaving flammable objects near a heater, cooking oil splashing onto a stovetop causing a grease fire… All of these are very valid risks, but we are here to tell you some hazards you may not know.

Exterior Maintenance

How to keep pests and termites away

Pests are like roommates you didn’t ask for, living with you rent-free and destroying your home. They can eat away at the wooden structure of a property, tear up insulation, destroy air ducts, rip up carpets, or cause other damages. This is why pests are a top concern for many home-owners. The damages they cause to a property aren’t always dire, but sometimes they can be a serious problem if not treated properly and promptly.

Home Ownership

4 mistakes new home owners make and what you can do to avoid them

Being a new home-owner can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be scary. As an inspection company, we are here to empower and educate you to make the right decisions when buying your first humble abode. Part of making confident, educated decisions is knowing what not to do. Take a look at these top mistakes new home-owners make so you won’t repeat them:

Interior Cleaning

10 tips for a clean and COVID-Free Home

These times are tough and unpredictable, as everyone knows. But your home can be a sanctuary, keeping you safe from the outside world and its uncertainties. The best way to do this is to ensure it is clean and sanitized as best as possible. A clean home is a happy home. If your home is happy, so are you!

Interior Maintenance

What to do if you have a slow drain

We’ve all been there– you go to brush your teeth in your bathroom sink, and the water fills up in there and doesn’t empty quite right. It either flows very slowly out of the drain, or doesn’t flow at all. Maybe it’s because your furry friend decided to plop down in there, like in this photo: